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The student voter is potentially one of the most powerful voting groups within the valley...

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Our Success is Your Success

Sacramento already has our local tax dollars and will give them to another community if we do not jump through one of their hoops. This hoop is passing Measure R, a local bond that will allow us to have almost 500 million dollars of our money to construct and expand our campuses for much needed classrooms.

The impact on our community is great

  • Alleviate the nursing shortage we have at our hospitals
  • Provide essential job training for local aerospace
  • Attract new industry to the Antelope Valley
  • Provide educational opportunities to the 3,000 students turned away each year because of lack of classroom space.


Please read more about Measure R on this Website

Vote YES on November 2nd.


Paid for by Friends of Antelope Valley College, ID #1260886
43759 15th Street West, PMB 35
Lancaster, CA 93534
(661) 942-8868


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Hear what students have to say about their college and voting.

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