Whether it's new technology or traditional media, we can identify your target audience and effectively deliver your message.


Positioning and Message Development

You recognize that the public does not always hear what you are trying to say. We will help you craft your message so that you are positioned in the public’s mind, and leverage that message to successfully achieve your mission and goals.


Issues Campaigns

Every issue comes with its own specific audience and political nuances. Our experienced team will work with you to develop a campaign to meet your specific needs that bring you positive results.


Agency and Project Branding

Government agencies have realized what the private sector has known for decades: the power of branding is an essential part of your success. Whether it is for a specific project, or your entire agency, let us create a brand that positively positions you in the minds of the public.


Communication Strategic Planning

Without a plan you will never get the results you hope for. We can work with your staff as a team, identifying your specific needs and setting realistic objectives so your communication plan helps you successfully deliver your message and reach your goals.


Bond & Parcel Tax Campaigns

Government agencies can only provide the facts. Our team can advocate and create a campaign that persuades the voters. We handle the entire process from the formation of a political action committee and community outreach, to managing the campaign and the FPPC financial filings.


Crisis Communications

It is not if, but when will a crisis occur. Being prepared and identifying the political land mines can help avoid damage to your organization. When it does hit, we will be there for you to help manage the situation and avert or minimize the damage.


Government Relations

We have an extensive network of relationships and years of working with elected officials and public agencies. We understand how to craft your message for this audience, and work with them so you can achieve your goals.


Community Outreach

Don’t let others position your issue in the minds of the public. The success of your goals is often influenced by public opinion. We can keep your message out front and create a public awareness that will effect a positive outcome.


Media and Public Relations

Good press does not happen by chance. We will identify the local media that effect you and develop a plan that provides stories and interviews so you receive positive media coverage.


2009 Communicators Award


2009 Pollie Award


2009 Pollie Award Winner




2009 American Package Design Award




2007 American Graphic Design Award


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